Meridian - Electronic Focus Music

by Ryan J. A. Murphy

Meridian is a concept album of 10 loopable tracks (plus some fun bonuses) created for Record Production Month in February 2014. It was written and produced by myself using Propellerhead's Figure iOS software and put together in Adobe Audition. "Electronic focus music" is a play on the EDM genre. 

Each "song" is designed to provide dynamic (yet steady) background music while you focus. Pick your favourite, put it on repeat, and get to work. The concept was inspired by old video games, which you could play for many consecutive hours while the same looping track played in the background of the game (think of Pokémon, for instance, and the songs I'm thinking of probably pop into your head, too). 

I love pairing these tracks with Rainy Mood or SimplyRain.

Download the album (or individual tracks) here!

Finally, find it on SoundCloud if that's your thing.