Here are some of the projects I've recently worked on in social innovation and leadership development.

The IMPACT Global Leadership Certificate for Students

IMPACT is one of three extracurricular certificate programs offered to undergraduate and graduate students at Memorial. The Global Leadership Certificate offers engaging, action-oriented content for students interested in learning more about global issues and social change. The program recruits community leaders, faculty/staff, student groups, and more to run workshops on leadership skills and social issues. In addition, students participate in a simulation of a Change Lab, using design processes and systems thinking to understand issues they're interested in while prototyping solutions. 

Visit the Certificates' website.

Radhoc Youth Leadership

Radhoc is a by-youth for-youth leadership development organization whose mission is to enrich and enable youth leaders in Newfoundland-Labrador who are interested in social justice and global issues. We regularly coordinate free workshops and conferences for students in high school and post-secondary education.

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Memorial Student Bootstrap Placements

Developed to support student intrapreneurship at Memorial University, Bootstrap positions are 40-hour placements (over the course of a semester) in which a student develops their own idea to improve student life. These ideas can be everything from making Academic Advising services more accessible, to research on the growth and development of student leaders, and beyond.

Find out more information about Bootstrap Placements here.

MUNSU's Impact Award

The MUN Students' Union's Impact Award incentivizes student organizations to use critical thinking, systems thinking, and design thinking in planning their programs and initiatives. Student groups applying for the award undertake system mapping and impact chaining in order to enhance their understanding of the issues and ideas they care about and to broaden the scope of their own problem solving.

Visit MUNSU's website for more details.